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From hats, saddles, & boots to the finest spirits like beer, whiskey, & vodka, Pendleton’s craft legacy, rooted in its pioneering soul, stands tall as one of the state’s most respected. Our Maker’s craftsmanship is a tribute to an era when authenticity & mastery were cherished above all.

A few types of makers in Pendleton include:

Local Artists:

Pendleton’s artistic community is thriving, with local artists showcasing their work in galleries, studios, & exhibitions. From painters & sculptors to photographers & mixed-media artists, the town is a hub of creativity that captures the essence of the region’s landscapes & culture.

Jewelry Designers:

The town boasts skilled jewelry designers who create unique pieces inspired by the local surroundings & the spirit of the West. Whether it’s Native American-inspired pieces, contemporary designs, or traditional craftsmanship, the jewelry makers in Pendleton offer a diverse array of creations.


With its Western heritage, Pendleton is home to leatherworkers who craft items ranging from cowboy boots & saddles to belts & accessories. These skilled artisans honor traditional techniques while infusing their creations with a modern touch.

Pendleton’s makers contribute to the town’s dynamic & creative atmosphere, offering visitors & locals a chance to engage with the artisanal process & take home unique, handcrafted treasures that capture the essence of the community.

Visit Our Local Makers

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