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Plan For Accessible Travel

In collaboration with Mobility Matters and Umatilla County, Pendleton, Oregon, has embarked on a meaningful initiative to raise awareness about disability in the community and provide vital resources and support for individuals to overcome common challenges and embrace life to the fullest. This was achieved through the creation of the videos featured further down this webpage. This innovative endeavor stemmed from a shared vision between Mobility Matters and Umatilla County to address the presence and impacts of disability while fostering inclusivity within Pendleton.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, Pendleton strives to offer inclusive experiences tailored to diverse needs. It’s essential to recognize that while Pendleton endeavors to provide accessibility, there may be variations in accessibility levels across different establishments. To ensure your specific needs are met, we encourage you to reach out to attractions, accommodations, or public transportation services in advance.

Pendleton’s commitment to accessibility guarantees that everyone, regardless of ability, can partake in the town’s rich heritage, vibrant culture, and breathtaking natural scenery. Whether you’re exploring historical landmarks, savoring local cuisine, or participating in community events, you’ll find Pendleton ready to embrace you with accessible opportunities.

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