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Rich History & Diverse Culture

Pendleton is proud of our unique cultural heritage. See the far-reaching influence of Native American tribes & Western cultures that are integral to Pendleton’s identity.

Native American Influence:

The presence of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation has a profound impact on Pendleton’s culture. The Tribes’ traditions, including the Cayuse, Umatilla, & Walla Walla people, are woven into the fabric of the town’s identity. Pendleton’s annual Pendleton Round-Up rodeo, for instance, features a Native American Village showcasing tribal traditions, dance, & art.

Arts & Creativity:

Pendleton nurtures a vibrant arts community, evidenced by the Pendleton Center for the Arts & local galleries that showcase the work of both emerging & established artists. The First Friday Art Walk allows residents & visitors to explore galleries, studios, & boutiques while engaging with local artists.

Western Heritage:

The town’s Western heritage is palpable in its architecture, festivals, & community events. Pendleton’s Main Street retains the charm of its historic buildings, while Western-themed businesses & attractions pay homage to the cowboy culture that shaped the region.

Cultural Festivals:

Pendleton hosts various cultural events that celebrate its diverse heritage. From Native American powwows to multicultural festivals, these events provide a platform for sharing traditions, art, music, & cuisine from different cultures.

Educational & Historical Embrace:

Pendleton’s culture includes a dedication to preserving its history & educating the community. Museums, historical sites, & interpretive centers showcase the town’s past & provide insight into the lives of its early inhabitants.

Step into a world where the echoes of pioneers’ footsteps still resonate, & the stories of the past come to life. Join us in exploring a chapter of the American West that stands the test of time – a journey that embraces the past while celebrating the present.

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