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Plan For Weather And Roads

Even in the warmer months, it’s always wise to look ahead, check road conditions, and chart your path before you head west. Don’t let delays, closures, or poor conditions get in the way of a good time. Below, you’ll find a chart detailing the average conditions to expect during each season, as well as road closures, delays, and changes.



High Average:

71 °F

Low Average:

38 °F


High Average:

89 °F

Low Average:

54 °F


High Average:

78 °F

Low Average:

36 °F


High Average:

48 °F

Low Average:

30 °F


Cruise along the picturesque paths that bring you to Pendleton. Interstate 84 welcomes you to Pendleton through exits 207, 209, 210, and 213.


To check the current road conditions in Pendleton, Oregon, you have several resources available that provide up-to-date information about traffic, weather, and any potential road closures. Here are some great ways to see how you can check the roads in Pendleton:

1. Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Website:

  • Visit the Oregon Department of Transportation’s TripCheck website ( and enter “Pendleton” or the specific route you’re interested in.
    The website provides real-time information about road conditions, traffic incidents, road closures, weather conditions, and more.

2. Local News Websites and Apps:

  • Check local news websites or mobile apps for updates on road conditions in Pendleton.
    News outlets often provide traffic reports and alerts about any ongoing road issues or closures.

3. Mobile Apps:

  • Download mobile apps related to road and traffic conditions, such as “Waze” or “Google Maps.”
    These apps can provide real-time navigation and road updates, including potential traffic congestion and alternate routes.

It’s essential to check road conditions before you travel, especially if you’re planning a trip or driving in uncertain weather conditions. Utilizing these resources will help you stay informed about the current state of roads in Pendleton, ensuring a safer and smoother journey.

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