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Plan For Weather & Roads

Even in the warmer months, it’s always wise to look ahead, check road conditions, & chart your path before you head west. Don’t let delays, closures, or poor conditions get in the way of a good time. Below, you’ll find a chart detailing the average conditions to expect during each season, as well as road closures, delays, & changes.



High Average:

71 °F

Low Average:

38 °F


High Average:

89 °F

Low Average:

54 °F


High Average:

78 °F

Low Average:

36 °F


High Average:

48 °F

Low Average:

30 °F


Cruise along the picturesque paths that bring you to Pendleton. Interstate 84 welcomes you to Pendleton through exits 207, 209, 210, & 213.

To check the current road conditions in Pendleton, Oregon, you have several resources available that provide up-to-date information about traffic, weather, & any potential road closures. Here are some great ways to see how you can check the roads in Pendleton:

1. Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Website:

  • Visit the Oregon Department of Transportation’s TripCheck website ( & enter “Pendleton” or the specific route you’re interested in.
    The website provides real-time information about road conditions, traffic incidents, road closures, weather conditions, & more.

2. Local News Websites & Apps:

  • Check local news websites or mobile apps for updates on road conditions in Pendleton.
    News outlets often provide traffic reports & alerts about any ongoing road issues or closures.

3. Mobile Apps:

  • Download mobile apps related to road & traffic conditions, such as “Waze” or “Google Maps.”
    These apps can provide real-time navigation & road updates, including potential traffic congestion & alternate routes.

It’s essential to check road conditions before you travel, especially if you’re planning a trip or driving in uncertain weather conditions. Utilizing these resources will help you stay informed about the current state of roads in Pendleton, ensuring a safer & smoother journey.

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