Let’s face it: Flying commercial is about as much fun as finding out your favorite hotel is sold out for Round-up week.

But it doesn’t have to be that way: Thanks to Boutique Air, it’s never been easier (or more fun) to fly between Portland and Pendleton – whether for Round-up or a relaxing weekend getaway. That means free parking, no TSA line, and a check-in process that’s as easy as ordering your favorite drink at Rainbow Cafe.

Interested in a first-class flight experience? Here’s how it works:

Making Your Reservation

Boutique Air plane cabin

Boutique Air operates six daily flights – three each way – between Portland and Pendleton, with fares ranging between $59 and $99 each way. Just make your reservation on Boutique Air’s website – and then get excited and start planning your trip.

Ensuring a Smooth Travel Experience

Boutique Air plane

With Boutique Air, the days of showing up hours before a flight – and waiting in glacial TSA lines, hoping flights aren’t delayed, and rushing to your gate – are but a memory.

Coming from Portland, the 200-mile flight couldn’t be easier. Here’s how it works:

  1. Check in via the Boutique Air website up to 24 hours in advance; you can print your boarding pass or show your pass on a mobile device.
  2. Show up 30-60 minutes before your flight, with free parking available at Boutique’s terminal; that terminal, by the way, is separate from the main terminal at PDX – so you’re not fighting for space in a mammoth parking garage. (And, yes, Boutique accommodates passengers with TSA Pre✓.)
  3. Show your pass, and hop aboard the eight-seat plane; the limited seating means you don’t feel like cattle being herded into the cabin.
  4. Kick back, relax, and enjoy your one-hour flight, high above the scenic Columbia River Gorge and Columbia Plateau – all from the comfort of a plush leather seat.

No, we didn’t leave out the TSA lines, baggage claim, and cramped gates. The check-in and boarding process really is that simple.

Getting Around Pendleton

Your flight will land at Eastern Oregon Regional Airport – just a few miles northwest of Pendleton – and you have two options for getting into (and getting around) town.

The first is through Boutique Air’s car rental service, Boutique Car. The service offers economy cars, standard sedans, SUV crossovers, and full-size SUVs – all from $64-$79 per day (which includes unlimited mileage).

If you’d rather not rent a car, you can arrange for a ride through Elite Taxis, Inc.

Stay the Night

You don’t really want to fly out and back the same day, so stay the night (or the weekend) in Pendleton.

Pendleton hosts a variety of lodgings to suit every budget and outing – including high-end business lodging, historic hotels, quaint B&Bs, and more. Check out the various lodgings around Pendleton, and make your reservation today.